Australia says YES to Marriage Equality

17 November 2017 / no comments

Yes Group Shot with Magda

Historical YES Plays Out in Real Time

What an incredibly emotional day today has been for the LGBTQI community, a mixed bag of emotions ranging from relief to belonging and excitement. Australians have been waiting for this very day for many many years and it’s a great day to be an Australian. What we have collectively achieved as a community today isn’t just about our right to marry, but moreso for the LGBTQI community that is yet to be born or too young to realise who they be in the future. And for those who didn’t get to see this momentous day, we are thinking of you and celebrating your dedication to the cause and helping pave the way to this very moment in Australian history.

I am not one to show my emotions on the outside but Wednesday was a liberating day, the overwhelming wave of pure unfiltered joy that swept over the nation was captivating to experience first hand at the Sydney YES announcement in Prince Alfred Park. Everyone who attended had a stake in the decision, it was and remains to be personal to all of us.

To the selfless, resilient people who have worked so so hard over the years, we want to say thank you. To the likes of Rodney Croome, Ivan Hinton-Teoh, Alex Greenwich, Janine Middleton, Dr Kerryn Phelps & Jackie Stricker-Phelps, Sally Rugg, Jay Allen, Allan Joyce, Christine Forster & Virginia Edwards, Sharyn Faulkner, Tom Snow, Brooke Horne, Magda, Thorpe and literally to the thousands of people who have marched over the years, dedicated their time and energy to the cause in any way, saying the words Thank You does not even scratch the surface of what it means to the LGBTQI community to wake up and see the world that extra bit brighter.

We worked on this together and the road ahead is no longer filled with doubt and concern, our future is bright, sunny and certainty that progress has indeed won. Yes! We indeed need to wait for December and keep the fight going, as it isn’t official. But I feel a sense of reassurance as it’s too late to back peddle, Australia has spoken and it must be legislated.

Kisses to all, the LGBTQI community is such a beautiful and resilient community and knowing that we do not have to endure hearing the legal definition of marriage in a civil ceremony again is sensational.

A day we will always remember as the moment love won!

From This Day Forward - Rodney Croome

From This Day Forward – Rodney Croome


So where to from here? Lots and lots of happy, love-filled weddings. I wanted to take a moment to reach out to wedding vendors who want to be a part of this next chapter.

It’s an exciting time for the wedding industry, an influx of celebrations to be had with a community that is creative and colourful. From the many same sex weddings Same Love Photography has had the pleasure capturing, we have seen trends worth mentioning.

47000 LGBTQI couples now see getting married as an option and one day may chose to celebrate their adoration and undivided commitment to their partner. A significant portion of same sex couples live together and have so for many years, we have children of both the human and furry kind who we hold dearly. What this means and creates from a photographic perspective which may trickle down to other vendors is a non traditional layout of the wedding day. Vendors will need to be open to doing things a little differently or at least in a different order. So here are some tips I have put together:

  • Many couples love to get ready together, with or without their bridal party, some absolutely want it all to be a surprise
  • Both brides or grooms may walk up the aisle with their respective parent/s
  • Bridal party numbers can be different on each side
  • Language is very important on your website, marketing collateral and email templates – inclusive words matter and an absence of such will influence whether you book a couple
  • Don’t assume anything
  • Some couples will need and value your advice on decisions that fall outside of photography and video
  • A location portrait session on the day may actually work better between prep and ceremony in order for the couple to focus on spending time with their friends and family
  • We like to party
  • Posing couples may vary from traditional posing directions you may already suggest

Also, for vendors who may not have many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex people in their circle, just like everything, knowledge is key. We are human beings that love our partners and families. The best advice I can give is look into some LGBTQI history to grasp an insight into the decades of fighting, oppression, societal challenges we’ve had to face – e.g. Stonewall, civil right movement, watch some movies like Pride, Milk, Philadelphia, Bridegroom, Boys Don’t Cry, Head On, Moonlight to name only a few. Knowledge and compassion are fundamental to a united society.  Oh and by the way, if you do decide on watching some of the above, keep a box of tissues or your loved one close by.

Ultimately, a same-sex wedding is a celebration of love, a fun environment that we as wedding suppliers absolutely love being a part of. For most of us, love and being surrounded by love is the very reason why we do what we do and enjoy can’t see ourselves doing anything else. So have fun and get your gay on……just joking.

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#THISISWHY Marriage Equality in Australia

6 May 2016 / no comments


Lara’s wife Elise was tragically killed in February, leaving behind Lara and little Ivy and Skylar. Lara Ryan’s Facebook post about Elise went viral and was a strong and important message those in power that marriage equality is needed.

Same Love Photography, and the couples we have photographed, have put ourselves behind Lara and the marriage equality cause. Additionally, we have put our support behind Lara, Ivy and Skylar and their GoFundMe page.


“If our Mums could have been properly married in Australia they would have been, We’re a family, just like everybody else.” – Ivy and Skylar

“Marriage should have been the first step for Elise and I to begin building our life together, and indeed our ‘illegal’ commitment ceremony was, It began our life of home, owing, hard work, travel, pet parenting and at last parenting our two amazing, clever little girls.
We have created everything we wanted and we are proud and grateful for the happiness and the good that fills our days.

We know that Marriage Equality will happen in Australia, sometime very soon, When that day comes it will be so exciting for so many people, good people, who deserve to have the right to be married.
It would have been the final step for us to complete and secure our relationship and our gorgeous little family.

Unfortunately that day for us will now never come. These girls lost their Mumma in a pedestrian accident in February, I lost my Wife, my love, my every day.

‪#‎thisiswhy‬ Australia. We can’t afford to wait a day longer.”

#thisiswhy - tom & anthony - Same Love Photography

TOM & ANTHONY:  “People keep asking us why we bothered to have a commitment ceremony when there is overwhelming public support for marriage equality and all signs point to a change in legislation. We were not prepared to wait or put our lives on hold while the Federal Government keeps shifting goalposts and the Australian Parliament catches up with the majority of Australians.”

#thisiswhy - anna & kerry - Same Love Photography

ANNA & KERRY: ‪‬ “Having been together for 16 years we’ve wanted to get married for a long time. I think that having a baby last year made this even more of a desire so that we can help him to feel safe and secure in his family unit. We were lucky enough to be able to get married at the British consulate and we are very much looking forward to the day our relationship will be fully recognised in Australia.”

#thisiswhy - Harry Cook - Same Love Photography

HARRY COOK: ‪ “Marriage equality is important because every Australian deserves the same dignity & respect on their wedding day. It’s time to get out of the stone age and progress like the rest of the western world. My husband Liam and I had to get married in our adopted home of California, thousands of miles away from where we grew up because our government decided that we were less than everyone else. Enough is enough. We are fed up of marching and protests. It’s time for Australia to be on the right side of history for a change.”

#thisiswhy - Luke and Eddie - Same Love Photography

LUKE & EDDIE: ‬ “We have never thought too much about marriage but as the years have gone by we wanted a way to celebrate and bless our relationship in front of our loved ones and family. We couldn’t wait as it seemed politician after politician on both sides were letting us down, Rudd, Gillard, Abbott, etc. Our wedding showed us that love can’t be constrained by petty politics and we won’t be held to anyone’s roadblock or timetable. Equality is so important to us as it seems unfair that we can be married in our eyes and everyone else who matters to us but not by law. We’re actually getting married legally in Ireland this year, how is it that a country that was once the most conservative and traditional can be streets ahead of Australia? Let’s get our act together and really push for it. It’s people like Frank Farrugia who helped make our day so magic and advocate for us to have equal rights.”

#thisiwhy - Vinko & Andrea - Same Love Photography

VINKO & ANDREA: ‬ “In general, marriage equality enhances freedom, particularly where religion is concerned. We all need and have the right to feel safe and accepted, no matter who we choose to love or marry!!!! We would love to get married ourselves, now we are going overseas to do so. It is also important to our economy, the Australian economy is losing out.”

#thisiswhy - Lachlan Beaton - Same Love Photography

LACHLAN BEATON: ‪‬ “Marriage equality to me is way more than just being able to commit to your partner for life, publicly. Its about ensuring that same sex attraction is viewed as “normal”. Whilst same sex attracted people are not allowed to marry, it will inadvertently teach young people that being gay or lesbian isn’t normal. Youth struggling with their sexuality deserve to feel that they are normal and that they will be accepted and live a life like every other member of our community.”

#thisiswhy - Jason & Garrett - Same Love Photography

JASON & GARRETT: “We got married in NZ because we love each other and are committed to each other and we chose to celebrate our love and commitment to each other in front of the ones we love in our home country where we are accepted. It is time Australia (our adopted country) that we are recognised and treated equally.”

#thisiswhy - amber & jade - Same Love Photography

AMBER & JADE: ‪ “When you meet your soulmate you just know! Your heart doesn’t choose your soulmate by gender; it chooses it by the feeling it gets. Not being able to be legally married in Australia will not stop same sex couples from loving their soulmates. Love is love!”

#thisiswhy - Jamie & Richard - Same Love Photography

JAMIE & RICHARD: ‪”What’s important to us is that we love each other. We decided to go ahead and have a wedding regardless of it not being recognised. A big celebration to honour what we mean to each other. It was the best weekend of my life and no government of mine is going to deny me those celebrations. I understand marriage equality is more than what’s involved in throwing together a big party, it’s about the team you promise to build with your loved one. And that love needs to be recognised as any other love out there. The fight for marriage equality will soon be won, it has to be, and on that day we can put pen to paper and be counted!”

#thisiswhy - Deb & Lori - Same Love Photography

DEB SAYWELL & DAUGHTER LORI: ‪ “Sue and I have shared 16 amazing years together, raised 6 kids, had successful businesses, own our own home and live a great life that is filled with love. The only thing missing for us is the ability to celebrate our commitment to each other legally and provide us and our children with greater legal protection. We deserve to be treated equally and recognised as a married couple. To deny us that right sends out a message that our relationship, love and family is wrong.”

#thisiswhy - carlos and robert - Same Love Photography

CARLOS & ROBERT: ‪ “We will not let our relationship be trivialised and diminished by others. Our leaders do not have the will to lead on this issue, so why wait any longer for their blessing? The strength of our relationship is such that we will marry with or without their permission.”

#thisiswhy - christine & virginia - Same Love Photography

CHRISTINE & VIRGINIA: ‪”This is a simple question of all Australians being equal before the law. It’s about two people who choose to be family to each other having just the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else. It’s about love.”

#thisiswhy - Kerryn & Jackie - Same Love Photography

KERRYN & JACKIE: ‪ “We support marriage equality because there are no excuses for a handful of politicians to continue denying our fundamental civil right to equality. We stand with Australia’s LGBT youth because we believe every place should be made safe.”

#thisiswhy - amanda and amy - Same Love Photography

AMANDA & AMY: ‪ “Marriage equality means recognition, it means I can hold my head up high knowing that my relationship is given the same respect as other marriages. It means that our son will grow up knowing we chose this bond to honour our love for each other, and our commitment to our family.”

#thisiswhy - Kane & Greg - Same Love Photography

KANE & GREG: ‪ “KANE: Marriage is important to us, because it shows that we are as one. It shows the legal benefits that come with marriage, but it also shows one another the love we have for each other and that we’re willing to spend the rest of our lives with each other. GREG: Marriage is a symbol of two people who wish to enter a bond together, a commitment that they will not waiver and they will love each other forever, unconditionally. Equality is important for marriage but our beliefs and values are also what make marriage important to us. We all watched our parents growing up; we saw two people married at an early age, committed and their love never questioned. We were nurtured by them and their marriage is what we aspired to from a young age. We were brought up to marry the one we love, build a home, a life and have children, committed to one single person, forever. This was all built on the backbone of their marriage, their opportunity to stand in front of loved ones and share that commitment. No matter what your beliefs in higher power, I’m sure “they” see everyone equal in their eyes, how do we find it so hard to do the same? When two people love each other, it should be recognised by everyone. Not because they have to, but because they want to. That’s love and that’s why marriage is important.”

#thisiswhy - Peter & Douglas - Same Love Photography

PETER & DOUGLAS: “knowing that we are fully equal under (Scottish) law and in the eyes of our friends and family – this is why marriage is so important….” ‪

#thisiswhy - sarah and shirleene - Same Love Photography

SARAH & SHIRLEENE: ‪”Getting married through the British consulate in Sydney was a way of celebrating our relationship together with our family and friends. It was wonderful but it is a cause of sadness for us that it still not recognized here. We want to see all Australians in loving relationships have the chance to have their love recognized and it is time that Australia joins the many other countries who recognize that our love is equal.”

#thisiswhy - Geoff & Jason - Same Love Photography

GEOFF & JASON: “As many of you may remember Jason and I took part in an “illegal gay wedding” back in 2005 to highlight the fact that same sex marriage was illegal. We’ve been together 23 years now and we can’t believe the Turnbull government is going to spend half a billion dollars on a plebiscite, that will cause so much divisiveness and cause even more self esteem issues for gay people – LGBTI people, particularly youth. C’mon, this is getting ridiculous, we need the laws changed and we need them changed now.”

#thisiswhy - Kathryn & Donna - Same Love Photography

KATHRYN & DONNA: ‪”Because it’s a civil rights issue: to exclude us from the privileges others have is to treat us as second class citizens. Also, it’s important to send a message to young people growing up as LGBTQI. That you have the same worth as your heterosexual counterparts.”

#thisiswhy - jade and trish - Same Love Photography

JADE AND TRISH: ‪‬ “Because we should all have the right to marry the love of our lives, the person we have chosen to spend the rest of our lives with. Why? Because it’s the right and humane thing to do!! I stand for equality for everyone, to have the same rights!!”

#thisiswhy - Ivan & Chris - Same Love Photography

IVAN & CHRIS: “It shouldn’t be government policy to make any Australian feel less than another. It shouldn’t be policy to make one Australian’s life harder than another”

Have you and your partner decided to have a European Wedding?

1 April 2016 / no comments

Have you and your partner decided to marry abroad in Europe, perhaps a beautiful vineyard in Tuscany or in the south of France? Are you also planning to stay in Europe and honeymoon in romantic Greece and then spend some long awaited time with friends and family in London?

If you’ve said yes to either of these questions and secured the perfect venue in mind then we would like to ask what do you do about a photographer? It goes without saying you’ll want stunning photographs to commemorate such a momentous occasion but where do you even start looking?

Do you go with a photographer recommended to you by the venue that you may only get to meet on the day? Are you finding it difficult to navigate the time difference or get your head around exchange rates? The cost of flying a photographer from Australia is simply not in the budget so what other choice is left?

Frank Farrugia is a dual citizen of both Australia and the EU, making it possible for him to spend months at a time in Europe. From 2017 he will be doing exactly this for the summer months of June, July and August with weddings already booked in Paris.

Here are just 5 reasons why we think you should book Frank from Same Love Photography for your European wedding in 2017:

  1. Complete and timely access to your photographer

You’ll want to be in contact with your photographer before, during and after your special event. Time differences between Australia and Europe can make communication difficult – have you ever tried to arrange a phone call between Sydney and Paris at an untimely hour? Have you waited at least a day for a vendor to reply to an important email because the other side of the world is still asleep? Using Frank means that you will be communicating with him in the same time zone before and after the wedding.

  1. Cost effective
  • Packages are quoted in Australian dollars and no international bank transfer fees apply
  • The cost of a major international flight doesn’t apply, only a small connecting flight within Europe should Frank be located in a neighbouring country.
  • Photographer’s accommodation for the night of the wedding is included in the cost.
  1. Escape the Winter

Some people suffer from seasonal affective disorder and aren’t designed for winter. A European summer weddings means you can avoid the Australian winter and bask in the glorious sun on a beach in Malta. Destination weddings bring family together and the vibe is simply beautiful and relaxed. Why? Because everyone is on holidays….except for Frank, he is there to work.

  1. A fresh perspective on the European landscape

The excitement to discover locations and utilise local ones with a fresh perspective. Frank will conduct a location scout before the wedding day and know exactly where to capture your amazing wedding portraits.

  1. Opportunity to have engagement/portrait session in other parts of Europe
  • Toying with two locations then why not do both? Arrange a pre or post wedding engagement shoot in Paris or Santorini and then have your wedding in Dubrovnik,
  • Dream locations are for the most part a 1-2 hour flight away.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Frank Farrugia today and arrange a catch up with him at his studio in Leichhardt to discuss your European wedding.