Have you and your partner decided to have a European Wedding?

1 April 2016 / no comments

Have you and your partner decided to marry abroad in Europe, perhaps a beautiful vineyard in Tuscany or in the south of France? Are you also planning to stay in Europe and honeymoon in romantic Greece and then spend some long awaited time with friends and family in London?

If you’ve said yes to either of these questions and secured the perfect venue in mind then we would like to ask what do you do about a photographer? It goes without saying you’ll want stunning photographs to commemorate such a momentous occasion but where do you even start looking?

Do you go with a photographer recommended to you by the venue that you may only get to meet on the day? Are you finding it difficult to navigate the time difference or get your head around exchange rates? The cost of flying a photographer from Australia is simply not in the budget so what other choice is left?

Frank Farrugia is a dual citizen of both Australia and the EU, making it possible for him to spend months at a time in Europe. From 2017 he will be doing exactly this for the summer months of June, July and August with weddings already booked in Paris.

Here are just 5 reasons why we think you should book Frank from Same Love Photography for your European wedding in 2017:

  1. Complete and timely access to your photographer

You’ll want to be in contact with your photographer before, during and after your special event. Time differences between Australia and Europe can make communication difficult – have you ever tried to arrange a phone call between Sydney and Paris at an untimely hour? Have you waited at least a day for a vendor to reply to an important email because the other side of the world is still asleep?¬†Using Frank means that you will be communicating with him in the same time zone before and after the wedding.

  1. Cost effective
  • Packages are quoted in Australian dollars and no international bank transfer fees apply
  • The cost of a major international flight doesn’t apply, only a small connecting flight within Europe should Frank be located in a neighbouring country.
  • Photographer’s accommodation for the night of the wedding is included in the cost.
  1. Escape the Winter

Some people suffer from seasonal affective disorder and aren’t designed for winter. A European summer weddings means you can avoid the Australian winter and bask in the glorious sun on a beach in Malta. Destination weddings bring family together and the vibe is simply beautiful and relaxed. Why? Because everyone is on holidays….except for Frank, he is there to work.

  1. A fresh perspective on the European landscape

The excitement to discover locations and utilise local ones with a fresh perspective. Frank will conduct a location scout before the wedding day and know exactly where to capture your amazing wedding portraits.

  1. Opportunity to have engagement/portrait session in other parts of Europe
  • Toying with two locations then why not do both? Arrange a pre or post wedding engagement shoot in Paris or Santorini and then have your wedding in Dubrovnik,
  • Dream locations are for the most part a 1-2 hour flight away.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Frank Farrugia today and arrange a catch up with him at his studio in Leichhardt to discuss your European wedding.